Our Leadership Team

Pastor Phelim and Nicola Doherty have served in the apostolic church in Irish street over the last 20 years. Since 2004 they have had pastoral responsibility for the assemblies in Derry and Strabane. Local leadership is accountable to a regional pastors council comprising ministers from the other Irish apostolic churches who meet on a regular basis and also to the national leadership team of the Apostolic Church UK (see www.apostolic-church.org).

Phelim and Nicola are both veterinary surgeons and met while training at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Shortly after coming to faith in Christ, Nicola was miraculously healed of a chronic debilitating illness and God blessed them with four wonderful children. In recent years they have experienced a growing revelation of the worth of every person to Christ and the magnitude of how much has already been freely given to us all through Christ. On their days off, you will always find them somewhere in Donegal!


Pastor Ribu and Raymol Thomas are originally from Kerala in South India. They have been living in Derry and ministering the Gospel both to the other Malayalam speakers in the city and as part of the ministry of River City Church. In 2011 Ribu’s calling as a pastor was recognised by the Apostolic Church and he was ordained at River City Church where he continues to serve as part of the eldership. Ribu has a teaching ministry that brings revelation of our new identity in Christ and the rest from works that the Holy Spirit calls us into. Ribu and Raymol have three children and to find them on their day off, just listen out for the most wonderful laughter you have ever heard!


Brian and Ursina Kerlin live in Foreglen, Co Derry and manage to work, lead a large household and minister the Gospel to a multitude of people while remaining in state of rest and peace! They have established a regular ministry meeting in Foreglen community centre and their passion is to see condemnation lifted off people's lives and see folk estabished in the love of their heavenly Father and growing strong in the grace of God. They are reaching across traditional community boundaries to demonstrate the power, liberty and rest that the Gospel of Grace brings to everyone, everywhere. For them, every day is a day off!